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CENOMAR, NSO, Marriage License and Birth Certificate

Monday, May 26, 2008

Every woman had always wanted to get married, well maybe that’s part of being a woman. My boyfriend and I had been lovers for four long years now. It started from a long distance relationship where there’s no assurance at all because of the distance. We are completely strangers to each other. But thanks to the technology that we have now, we’ve met unexpectedly. Distance wasn’t a hindrance at all.

Now, been busy preparing for our wedding. Since January this year we’ve already started planning for it. The date of our wedding would be this coming August 8, 2008. We’re both here in Manila but we’ll get married in my hometown, Davao City where my parents are currently residing.
Since we’re both on the right age, getting a marriage license is not that difficult for us. We don’t need parental consent anymore. By the way, before you could apply for a marriage license, you need to get first the CENOMAR or the Certificate of No Marriage, that’s one of the requirements now. CENOMAR can be requested through NSO but if you are both busy at work you can just easily request it online and they’ll just mail it to you in about a week. You’ll just need to pay some fees for the said certification the only thing is that it’s a little expensive than requesting it personally. You also need your Birth Certificate from NSO so you can request it as well online if you still don’t have it. For more information on how to get Certifications online, please refer to their website here.
Another requirement is to attend the Family Planning Seminar that is being scheduled and it depends on the municipal where you filed your license. Marriage license will be released after 10 days that is if you have attended the seminar. In our case, my bf is from Batangas and I’m from Davao. We filed our marriage license in Batangas but since the wedding will be in Davao, I used my address in Davao so we can use the license in Davao. We also attended the Family Planning Seminar that was scheduled every Thursday. It was Monday when we filed for our license so we go back Thursday to attend the seminar. The only thing that took us too long to complete all the requirements needed was the church requirements. We are both Iglesia Ni Cristo members and there are a lot of things that we need to comply. It was hard because our marriage would be in Davao but if it’s not going to be held there then there’s no additional work to be done.
Just today, we already completed the things that need to be done so we can schedule our flight now to Davao to submit to our church all the documents that we have for our wedding.