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Wedding Motifs Selection | Wedding Motifs Color Combination

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding Motifs plays a big role in a wedding. This is one of the first thing that couples usually think and decide. How their wedding would look like? The bride is much conscious on how her wedding day would appear.

Most women would just like to end up having a simple wedding yet unforgettable. However, there are some women who wants the best day of their life more meaningful and unforgettable.

Wedding motifs gives life to your wedding and it creates unforgettable experience for your guests. If you're on a tight budget, look for affordable themes. There are plenty of color themes and motifs to choose from for your wedding that would surely be one of the unforgettable wedding your guests have attended.

Here are some wedding motifs that you can choose from for you to have an idea of what wedding theme to choose.

1. Coral - is usually found in East Indian or Caribbean Weddings. You can combine this color and will coordinate well with rust, teal, yellow, apple green and pink. If you want it simple you can also combine it with cream color. See image for comparisons of colors.

Coral and Teal wedding motif

 Coral and Teal Combination

Coral and yellow wedding motifs
Coral and Yellow Combination

Coral and rust wedding motif
Coral and Rust Combination

coral and pink wedding motif
Coral and Pink Combination

coral and apple green wedding motif
Coral and Apple Green Combination

coral and cream wedding motif
Coral and Cream Combination

 2. Apple Green - is an environmentally friendly wedding theme. You can blend it with a shade of purple, lavender, rose pink and aqua blue.

Apple green and lavender wedding motif
Apple Green and Lavender Combination

Lime Green and Purple wedding motif
Lime Green and Purple Combination

Apple Green and Rose Pink wedding motif
Apple Green and Rose Pink Combination

Apple Green and Purple wedding motif
Apple Green and Purple Combination

Apple Green and aqua blue wedding motif
Apple Green and Aqua Blue Combination

 3. Tangerine - or orange is a very hot color motif. It has a rare quality that only a few warm colors have. Orange is vibrant, fun and fresh! You can pair this color with lime green or apple green, gold, silver and chocolate brown.

Tangerine and Apple Green wedding motif
Tangerine and Apple Green Combination

Tangerine and Choco Brown Wedding Motif
Tangerine and Chocolate Brown Combination

Tangerine and Gold Wedding motif
Tangerine and Gold Combination

tangerine and silver wedding motif
Tangerine and Silver Combination

 4. Red - is a romantic color that can be used as a wedding motif all year long, however, this color usually popular for Valentine Weddings. You can blend it with crisp white or cream color, dark brown or elegant black.

Red and Cream Wedding Motif
Red and Cream Combination

Red and Black Wedding Motif
Red and Black Combination

Red and White wedding motif
Red and White Combination

Red and Brown Wedding Motif
Red and Dark Brown Combination

These motifs are just a basic guide for brides in order for her to have some ideas as to how she should proceed with the theme of her wedding. Both couple should discuss things for them to get what they want their wedding day would appear.

These are just a partial list of Wedding Color Motifs. I'll be sharing other wedding color motifs on my next posts.